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Brought to you by Ballyhoo Hospitality, Pizza By Sal is a desired destination for nightly dinners, team events, watching the big game, and hosting epic birthday parties! Located next to Buck Russell's Bakery, this neighborhood joint gives the nod to the pizza shops you find in New York City. Hand-tossed with a crisp crave-able crust that allows each slice to be perfectly folded, Pizza by Sal is for everyone.

Sal Lo Cascio
Who is Sal?
Salvatore "Sal" Lo Cascio began his career in the culinary arts in his native Palermo, Italy, where he studied traditional Sicilian cuisine. Upon receiving numerous certifications, Chef Sal moved to the United States. An expert in VPN-certified pizza, Chef Sal believes in using whole, natural ingredients that are both tasty and beautiful. Known for his Neapolitan and gluten free Sicilian-style pizza at Coda di Volpe, Sal has been working on perfecting the New York-style pizza. After many test pizzas, dedication, and a passion for making the perfect dough, we are ready to share his creations with the community!
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